Main Features:

Location: Central Bosnia Canton

Elevation: 1943m (Peak Paljenik)

Average snow height: 20cm

Top locations: Vlasic Ski Center, Eko-Fis Vlasic, Devečani, Galica.

Vlasic – Activities

Vlasic offers numerous activities like skiing and night skiing, parties and music festivals, sports activities like football and tennis, and lots more. Read more bellow.

Vlasic – Accomodation

There is a lot of first class hotels located on Vlasic with enough capacities to accommodate all its visitors. There are also private appartments for those who decide for this option. Find your accommodation HERE.

Vlasic, as one of the most famous mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina, attracts a large number of visitors every year. Vlasic is located in the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina and belongs to the Central Bosnia Canton. The highest peak is at 1943 m, and the Vlasic plateau is at 1300 m.n.v. The road to Vlasic is not difficult at all. The Turbe-Vlasic-Babanovac (21km) road is maintained throughout the winter, but we recommend that all visitors be provided with full winter motor vehicle equipment before embarking on the Vlasic road. In addition to the Babanovac ski center, Vlasic is also attractive to hikers, whose tops of Galica and Devečani are favorite destinations. Vlasic is also known for livestock, and Vlasic cheese is already widely known. Below, let’s take a closer look at Vlasic itself, its beauties and top destinations.

SKI CENTAR Vlašić-Babanovac

Vrh Babanovca nalazi se na 1235 m.n.v i nalazi se na 28 km udaljenosti od Vlašića. Ski centar Vlašić posjeduje 5 ski liftova.

Ugar – Kapacitet 800 skijaša/h.
Markovac – 1300 skijaša/h
Dupli lift-sidro BAbanovac – 2100 skijaša/h
Visovi – Kapacitet 900 skijaša/h
Baby ski-lift – kapacitet 300 skijaša/h. Opremljen reflektorima za noćno skijanje.

Na Vlašiću ima ukupno 10,5 km uređenih staza sa najvećeom visinskom razlikom od 15%. Najduža staza iznos 3,8 km (Ski-lift Babanovac), koja također posjeduje reflektore koji omogućuju noćno skijanje (Srijeda-Petak-Subota od 18:30 do 21:30 h). Ski centar također posjeduje tehnologiju vještačkog osnježavanja.

Eko-Fis Vlašić

The tourist resort Eko-Fis Vlasic is open to its guests all year long. The purpose of this project is to give nature and mountain lovers the opportunity to visit and provide quality content both in summer and winter. In addition to the ski slopes there are numerous sports and recreational facilities. This center is an ideal choice for family trips but also for business meetings or collective vacations where everyone will have the opportunity to socialize and relax. Some of the attractions are: adrenaline park, various sports such as basketball, tennis and football, children’s playground, spa corner and many others.

Mountain Home Devečani

The Devacan area is located at 1760 m. and together with the peak of Galica is a real attraction for mountaineers who want to get to know Vlasic better. This mountain lodge offers accommodation for 50 mountaineers in several multi-bed rooms. The facility has electricity, drinking water and sanitary facilities. The lodge can be reached from Travnik via the top of Galica with an asphalt road 18 km long and a macadam road 4 km long or from Turbet via Babanovac, this time it is slightly longer (34 km asphalt road and 4 km macadam road). A large number of well-marked and well-maintained mountain roads branch from the home site.