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Elevation: 2015 m.


-Middle part: Bregoč (2015m), Kozje Strane (2014m), Stog (1821m).

 -Western part: Kalelija (1975m), Orlovac (1956m), Todor (1949m), Todorac (1900m), Dumoš (1879m)

Lakes: Lake Orlovac, White Lake, Jug Lake, Kotlanic Lake, Stirin Lake, Lake Done and Gornje Bare, Lake Kladopoljsko.

Zelengora – How TO Come


Kalinovik – Zelengora, Govza 32 km. Directions.

Kalinovik – Zelengora, Donje Bare 72 km Directions.

Foča – Zelengora, Govza  50,4 km. Directions.

Foča – Zelengora, Donje Bare 43,7 km. Directions.

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Zelengora – Activities

Hiking, Camping, Fishing (Licence 10 – 15 BAM), Mountain Biking and more.

Zelengora – Accommodation

The accommodation is on the mountain itself in numerous mountain cabins as well as in nearby villages and towns. Find your accommodation HERE.

Zelengora belongs to Sutjeska National Park, along with the Maglić, Lelija and Volujak mountains. Certainly, Zelengora is one of the most beautiful mountains on the Balkan Peninsula. No matter how many times you visit Zelengora, it will always bring you back. The opportunities provided by Zelengora are numerous. This mountain is suitable for both the old and the young, and for those who just want a leisurely stroll or for those who might be looking for something more demanding like mountain biking or hiking.

Most of Zelengora takes the form of a mountain plateau, from where its peaks rise. In spring and summer, the Zelengora glades are overgrown with various herbs, making it suitable for grazing livestock as well as for those looking for medicinal herbs. The highest peak of Zelengora (Bregoc) is at 2015 meters. In addition to Bregoč, Zelengora has several other peaks around 2000 m. Which form beautiful and almost fairy-tale view-points. What contributes most to the beauty of Zelengora and its uniqueness are its lakes and its numerous sources of drinking water. Some of the most famous lakes are Orlovacko, Kotlanicko, Donje / Gornje Bare and others.

Although the paths to Zelengore are not ideal, with the arrival of beautiful weather Zelengora attracts a large number of visitors and nature lovers. There are no active settlements on the mountain itself, but there are many cabins scattered around Zelengora. There are several rental properties like the one in Donje Bare or near Orlovac Lake. And if it does not have the special infrastructure of Zelengora as one of the most beautiful mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it provides excellent camping and sleeping destinations in the open.

There are picnic areas and a mountain huts for rent in the area of ​​Donje Bare Lake. The area offers fishing opportunities, but it also offers multi-day hiking tours to its visitors.