Length: 239 km Vrbas

Source: under Zec mountain (Vranica)

Tributary of: Sava

Average flow: 114 m3/s

Right tributaries: Kruščica, Bistrica, Ričica, Bojacki, Odžački, Goruški and Vileški Potok, and Vitina, Rovanjski Potok, Drvetinska River, Ćhajića River, Volušnica, Oboračka River, Barački, Sandzak and Babin Potok, Goduša, Sokolinski Potok, Bila vode, Rika, Lucina Komatinski potok, Ugar, Svrakava, Vrbanja, Brusina, Turjanica, Crkena, Gurate, Velika Rijeka, Resovac, Savica and Povelic river.

Left tributaries: Trnovača, Barski Creek, Mrkodo, Cipala, Bunta, Duboka, Lubovo, Prusačka River, Semešnica, Podgora, Dihanjski Creek, Kračec, Rasadnički Potok, Hornjak, Glasinac, Šedinac, Pliva, Black River, Krupa, Rekavica, Ruišnjak, Suturlija, Crkvena, Rudnička River, Ivashanka, Bukovica, Mehovljanska River and Osorna.

Municipalities: Gornji Vakuf, Bugojno, Donji Vakuf, Jajce, Banja Luka, Laktaši, Srbac, Gradiška.

The River Vrbas is one of the few rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina that carries a male name. It is assumed that the name was given by a white willow which is widespread in the lower regions of the river. Vrbas is one of the basic symbols of the city of Banja Luka. To the south, Vrbas created a canyon with a series of natural rarities. Vrbas Canyon consists of two canyons: the Tijesno Canyon (5km) and Podmilačje Canyon (8km). Rapids, waterfalls,beaches, surrounding rocks, and the richness of flora and fauna make this area special.

Due to the speed of Vrbas and its small depth and stone bottom in the urban area of Banja Luka a special boat was made called “Dajak”, a boat with a long, narrow and shallow gauze. Dajak was specially made piece of wood that pushes the boat, and the boat was named after that.

In the tourist offer  the ride with Dajak, tourists have an option to choose following tours: Green Bridge – First mill – Kastel – Green Bridge (20 KM one person, 25 KM two persons, 30 KM three persons).

It is also possible to rent a boat, and the price of renting for non-club members are as follows:

1 hour – 10 M

1 day – 60 KM

2 Days – 90 KM

3 days – 120 KM

Tourist rafting on Vrbas is possible throughout the year, but the best time is spring and summer.

On the offer there three types of routes:

  1. Zvečaj-Caranovac

Route Length: 5 km. Duration: 40-80m. Water Weight: 3o. Sights: Medieval Fortress Zvečaj, springs, caves.

 2. Ada-Caranovac

Route Length: 11 km. Descent time: 90 – 50 min. Water Weight: 2-3o. Sights: Natural Stone Bridge.

 3. Bijeli Buk-Karanovac

Route Length: 21km. Descent Time: 150 – 210 min. Water Weight: 4o. Sights: Grebenska Klisura, medieval fortress Greben

No rowing experience or skill is required for interested parties.

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