Zvorničko Lake – Main Characteristics

Area: 8.1 km2 (810 ha)

Elevation: 140 m

Maximum depth: 39 m, average depth 11 m

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Municipality: Zvornik

Zvornicko Lake is an artificial lake created in 1955. By building a dam 45 m high on the Drina River near Zvornik. It spreads on an area of 810 hectares, in the length of 25 km upstream. The width of the lake is 200 m wide on the narrowest part to 3 km on the widest, with the highest measured depth of 39 m.

Tourists can enjoy kayaking, canoes and boats with fishing and swimming. At the end of July on the lake there is a sport-fishing manifestation “Somovijada”, whose tradition began 1998. It is believed that in the lake live catfish of 3 m with over 100 kg of weight (the largest caught was weighing 87 kg). From other types of fish, we recommend trout, shaded, saplings, sprout, Cataris and Pike

In recent years, from October to March, there has been sights of great cormorant, while some flocks are present throughout the year.

The lake hosts an international competition in kayaking and canoeing on the calm waters that take place at the end of July.

With a large number of weekend houses as well as catering establishments, it is possible to rent accommodation by the lake itself.