Lukomir – How To Come


Konjic – Lukomir 28.5 km.

Sarajevo – Lukomir 53.5 km.

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Lukomir – Activities

Hiking, mountain biking, camping, etc.

Lukomir – Accommodation

To spend a night in some of the Lukomir’s apartments average price will be around 70 BAM for a night.

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The village of Lukomir is located in Konjic municipality, and it consists of two settlements, Upper and Lower Lukomir. Upper Lukomir is more famous with its location and it is truly a real attraction for natives as well as for all foreign tourists that wish to get away from the city crowds at least for a couple of hours.

The hike to Lukomir starts at the valley of river Rakitinica through wavey roads along the mountain of Bjelasnica, all the way to the highest point which is at 1,495 meters. After roughly 3 hours of hiking, we will finally see the magnificent mountain plain, over which we will find scattered ancient stone houses, that originate from 14. and 15. century.

It is considered that settlers of Lukomir originate from Hercegovina, more precisely the village called Podvelezje. They came to Lukomir on occasion where there was not enough pasture for their sheep, so they had to take them to grass rich lands of Bjelasnica, where over time a handful of them started a community and permanently settled. If you are lucky maybe you will find, once you come to Lukomir, wast herds of sheep that can go up to thousands in numbers.

For the hikers and other visitors often the first impression is theatrical followed with great excitement, and how can it not be, when you witness all that beauty of nature and its vastness, that on the other hand gives out a calming aura. It is always necessary to take a few minutes to take a breather and let the emotions settle, and take in the atmosphere of Lukomir, which is hard to find somewhere else. 

From the nearby high viewpoint, we can find a fantastic view that stretches all over the surrounding mountains. There is also a canyon of river Rakitnica, that divides Bjealsnica and mountain Visocica. This canyon is one of the biggest canyons in Europe (800m), and as such should be considered as a big treasure. If you want to explore the canyon to the fullest you have the possibility to take one of the mountain trails that stretches the full length of the canyon (26km). 

Lukomir is one of the top destinations when we talk about rural tourism, that can stand side by side with any similar destinations across Europe. Besides the great view and fresh air, visitors will also have the opportunity to dine in some of nearby restaurants, where they can try some of the local specialities. They can also buy unique souvenirs that are hand made by local people. If you wish to truly rest and take a break from all daily stresses with your close ones then Lukomir the right destination for you.