Rijeka Pliva – Glavne Karakteristike

Location: Source, Big Pliva Lake, Small Pliva Lake

Length: 32 km

Source: Maljevac (3 Springs), municipality of Šipovo

Tributary of: Vrbas

Average flow: 45.8 m3/s

Tributaries: River Janj, River Sokočnica

Municipalities: Šipovo, Lake, Jajce

The river Pliva is made from the merging of several springs, two of which are the main, right or deep spring and left that is made up of three smaller springs Drenovac, Srednje and Vreluša.

By inflow of the river Janj, in the village of Šipovo, it becomes one of the few travertine rivers in BiH, because it has a number of travertine barriers in its riverbed, and is unique for its natural beauties and phenomena.

In its course, in the municipality of Jezero, in the natural way Pliva Lakes are formed (Big  and Small Pliva Lake). Lakes are suitable for relaxation and recreation, especially for rowing sports.

Due to its exceptional clarity, the specific colors are very attractive to tourists and lovers of sport and fly fishing. In 2015, 35th World Championship in fly-fishing was held on the Pliva River.

Pliva is most famous for its waterfall which is formed at its delta with Vrbas, and is a symbol of the town of Jajce. Although it stands for a tourist attraction during the whole year, most visitors are recorded in the month of August when the international jumps from the waterfall are held.

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