Year Built:  ≈ XIX. century.

Municipality: Banja Luka.

Location: » Map.

Kastel Fortress

In the past, the Kastel Fort was the first line of defense of the city, as a strong military stronghold, thus protecting that part of the Vrbas stream and the rest of the city. The fort is located in the heart of the city of Banja Luka on the left side of Vrbas and is a great historical monument of this region. Some of the oldest archeological remains of Neolithic dwellings have just been found within the walls of Fort Kastel. Historians cannot determine the exact timing of the construction of this building. On the other hand, historians claim that the Roman settlement of Castra was located in the area, and that the fortress served them as a defense against frequent attacks from barbaric tribes.

The fortress of Kastel began to take its true appearance today during the Turkish rule between 1574 and 1588. Ferhad Pasha Skolovic used the fortress as his fortress and as his tophana (warehouse), and he constantly upgraded it during his reign. There are many plans today for the restoration of parts of the fort to give it its old appearance. In the interior of Kastel there is a summer stage for performances, a national restaurant, a playground for children, and a stone house that acts as a gallery.