Municipality: Banja Luka.

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Krupa on Vrbas

If you are planning to visit Banja Luka or the surrounding region then “Krupa na Vrbasu” is an unavoidable destination for you. This place offers you a great opportunity for an excursion in nature, a walk in the nature by the river Krupa and relaxation with your loved ones. Krupa on Vrbas is located 25 kilometers from Banja Luka and is a true natural resource, attracting more and more tourists every year. Most beautiful of this place are the waterfalls and old watermills, which are located 1 kilometer upstream from the mouth of the river Krupa into Vrbas.

In this part, the ambience created by nature with the old watermills is what most attracts tourists. From this location, visitors have the opportunity to take some of the hiking trails to the very source of the Krupa River. There is also the well-known restaurant ‘Krupski Slapovi’ for all those who want to dine in the beautiful scenery with the sound of the river and its waterfalls.