Year Built:  ≈ XV. cent.

Municipality: Bihać.

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Old Town Ostrovica

The old town of Ostrovica is a fortress built on a steep hill above the river Una and not far from the village of Ostrovica near Kulen Vakuf. This building has been designated as a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ever since the Roman times, the Una River Valley has been an important corridor for many caravans to travel from the Adriatic Sea to the interior of Europe. That is why the fortress of Ostrovica was a very important property for the rulers of that time and as such it has great historical significance today.

The exact date of construction has not been determined, but it is known that Ostrovica was taken over by the Ottomans in 1521 and extended its borders. The old town of Ostrovica is surrounded by strong ramparts, with walls reaching up to 10 meters in height. In 2007, a restoration project and a cleaning process of Ostrovica area were launched as it eventually overgrown into wild bushes. But after its restoration through a project called Una Source of Life, the fort is now fully accessible to tourists who choose to visit this historic jewel of Bosnia and Herzegovina.