Year Built:  ≈ 1020.

Municipality: Bihać.

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Old Town Sokolac

On a high and steep hill, back in prehistoric times, rose a fortres that is still visible near its walls. The defense of the city was based on the high Sokolac Tower, which was built in the most elevated position in the city, on the slopes of a rock that steeply descended towards Bihać and the Una River on the north and east sides of the city. Historians believe that this city was built sometime in 1020 AD. The town had its estates, crew and castellans. Although, this city represented one of the most important fortresses in this area, due to the shortage of money it had many wars in the 15th century.

Sokolac, along with Bihać and Ripac, were often enslaved and often changed ownership of various lords and captains. After 1527, Sokolac was taken over by royal soldiers, managed by a Bihac captain. After 1592, the Sokolac fell under Ottoman rule. Until recently, Sokolac was one of the most preserved old towns in this region. In 1898, the city was completely restored by then-Mayor Lothar Berks and has since been opened to visitors.