Jahorina- How To Come

Jahorina is accessible by a new-built road that goes from the airport through Lukavcie and Trebevic. Distance from Sarajevo is 28 km. Find detailed instruction HERE.

Jahorina – Activities

Magnificent skiing conditions. Ski-tracks are suitable for all ages and experience levels. In the summer Jahorina also offers fantastic hiking trails. Numerous restaurants give you the ability to have a rest over a meal or a dinner after all the activities.


Hotels and apartments on Jahorina offer regular and ski bundles with wellness, throughout the year. Find your accommodation HERE.

Jahorina is one of the most beautiful and famous mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jahorina is located within the Dinaric Mountain system with the highest peaks of 1,916 meters above sea level (Ogorjelica). This Snow Queen is ideal for visiting throughout the year. In the summer, Jahorina is covered with green grass thick, and in winter it is up to 3 m snow. This climate is exactly what makes Jahorina specific and ideal for visiting at any time of year.

Geographic location, abundance of rainfall, ideal climate and a multitude of ski slopes from those demanding or extremely extreme to the more simple ones for new skiers. These are all the things that Jahorina makes to the specific and which Jahorina is rightfully placed on the map of the top European mountains. Jahorina has about 50 kilometers of ski slopes, and the total number of days with a snow blanket is around 175.

If nature fails, Jahorina is provided with the most modern system of artificial snowing, with which they connected all the ski trails, as with the most modern ski-transport cable car, the total capacity of about 17 000 skiers per hour. The conditions for night skiing are also provided, thanks to a newly constructed illumination that allows ski enjoyment after sundown.

Jahorina offers content for all levels of experience and for all ages. The trails can be divided into three categories of light trails for beginners, mid-weight paths for those little more important and extreme paths that are intended for more experienced and more resourceful skiers. Nevertheless, the greatest attention is devoted to young people and those who make their first ski experience. Jahorina has two ski kinderteas with many entertainment content for the youngest visitors. In addition to the immense party on the snow, they will have the opportunity to learn their first ski skills with a professional and responsible team that provides skiing lessons

Jahorina is a mountain with a great tradition. Jahorina is the 1984 Olympic queen, which held a competition in alpine skiing for women in the downhill, slalom and giant slalom disciplines. All the slopes that have been skiing at the Olympic Games are now ready and modernitsed and available to all visitors. Jahorina undoubtedly belongs to one of the most modern ski centres in the Balkans, and with its intact nature, almost perfect climate conditions, it certainly falls into the top 5 mountain destinations on the Balkan peninsula. Visit Jahorina and make sure to experience her charms.