Year Built:  ≈ 1205.

Municipality: Bihać.

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Captain’s Tower

The city on the Una river, is home to many natural beauties as well as historic sites. One of the most famous historical features is the Captain’s Tower, which has been located there for more than 800 years. Many legends relate to Bihac and the Captain’s Tower.

The most popular and credible legend is that the Tower saved the life of Hungarian-Croatian King Bela IV while fleeing the Tatar horsemen, after which this king declared the city of Bihac a free city. Even if it is considered the most significant historical feature, the exact time origin of the Tower is not known, although some historians claim that it was built around 1205 AD. Today, the Tower operates as a museum in the Una-Sana Canton, which houses rare exponents from the time of the Japod tribes, so the tower is a true destination for all curious and tourists eager for knowledge.