Zdrimacka Lakes
Elevation: 800 m
Maximum depth: approx. 10 m
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Municipality: Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje 

In Zdrimci, 4 km from Gornji Vakuf, under the mountain Vranice, there are Zdrimacka lakes, which are made from 3 lakes 250 meters from each other.
Hadžino (Adica) Lake is the biggest and the most beautiful. The diameter is about 100-150 m and with a 9.2 meter depth is. It is a rich fish fund, and the capital specimens of Amura, Carp, Chub, trout and others.

The second largest is Pasje lake (about 0.26 ha). Diameter about 50 m. Also rich in fish such as carp, Babushka and chub.

The Pijavica lake is the smallest, and has been named after its inhabitants, medical leeches (Hirudo medicinalis).