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Tributary of  Sava

Tributaries: Unac, Sana, Krušnica, Klokot

The Una River, it was named by the ancient Romans, who, for the first time, have been amazed by her irresistible beauty and hearing the calls of her falls, shouted the UNA which would translate “one” or “the only”.

Una river is one of a kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina, because of her extraordinary beatuy and colors that originate from travertine components. Throughout her stream, the green waters of the Una create a wondrous game of water and light, creating a series of hydrological, geomorphological and other phenomena that point to many seperous shapes, rapids, waterfalls, Ade and River Lakes. These elements make beautiful Una unique.

Una is a river in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina that makes it a small part of the western border of BiH and Croatia. The entire course of the Una River is declared National Park. The Una River, except that it is special in its beauty, provides great opportunities for development, not only for BiH but for neighbouring Croatia. In addition to many other activities such as fishing and swimming, it offers an excellent rafting experience for all those who dare to go through her cross-winding flows.

Rafting in the Una usually begins from the Kulen Vakuf, a fairytale area on an artificial River island, below the prehistoric forts of Ostrovica, and over Ripley, Bihac to Bosnian Krupa. The rafting on the Una River has become an insatiable social event, proving numerous business groups as well as the families that are always returning to this river. The upper stream Una is completely drinkable, and is declared a national park, and that is sufficient proof of the exquisite beauty and purity that this river possesses, as well as the main reason why Una is considered a true oasis for lovers of nature and natural beauty.

In the valley of the river Una from ‘Brekovica’ to the ‘Bosanska Krupa’, about 20km, a ‘Grmus Reservation’ can be found which is a geomorphological phenomenon. This canyon rises with steep rocks above the Una River over 300m high. At the part called ‘Strbacki Buk’, the Una falls down from 24-meter height. This natural monument to waterfalls in the place called ‘Martin Brod’ is the largest value of the natural heritage of the first category in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Apart from the natural monuments in the Una River valley, many monuments of culture that are composed in a natural ambiance, which significantly contributes to its value and the need for protection. Una as a pearl of the natural heritage of the National Park of ”Una”, makes compound of valuable natural individuality, a diverse and preserved natural landscape of exceptional beauty and the rich cultural and historical heritage. We could keep writing about Una endlessly, but we will let you enjoy the photo gallery in the hope that you will soon decide to visit this true jewel of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How to come

Top Destinations and their distances:

Bihać (Banja Luka-Bihać 160.2 km, Sarajevo-Bihać 308 km)

Štrbački buk (Bihać-Štrbački buk 32.5 km)

Kulen Vakuf (Bihać-Kulen Vakuf 39.7 km)

Dvorac Ostrožac (Bihać-Ostrožac 16 km)


Top activities and locations:

Rafting (Top location: Štrbački buk)

Una regatta/Kayaking (Top locations: Martin Brod).

Fishing (Top Locations: Marting Brod, Dvoslap)